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...to ordinary ripple photography! I'm Victoria Boyd, and I live on a small hobby farm north of Kingston, Ontario, with the usual conglomeration of cats, dogs and horses. 

Photography has been a passion of mine for many years. Back in the days of film, I spent 5 years working for Olan Mills Portrait Studios, an international photography and film & print processing company. We had hundreds of portrait studios around the world and several film and print manufacturing plants one of which was right here in Kingston.

After that, I was the photographer for Millview Publishing who produced a rural magazine called "Houndstooth and Feathers". Not only did I do all the photography, but all of the desktop publishing as well!

We were 4 years into the magazine when I first laid eyes on the the new digital camera format. My husband and I had just published our first book "The Great Canadian Apple Cookbook" and the Ottawa Citizen came down to do a feature story on local authors. The photographer they sent was thrilled to show me her state-of-the-art $15,000 digital camera.

While you can still spend that much money (or even more) on a camera with lenses and other paraphernalia , the technology has become much more affordable, lighter and of highest quality. Today, some of my best shots come from a simple Canon Power Shot. But my workhorse is a Canon 60D. My stand-in for when I don't want to carry the weight of my big Canon and lenses, is an Olympus EPL-1 which takes wonderful photos. And we can't forget my GoPro which takes amazing video footage. 

The toys are great, but as they say, it's what's happening behind the camera that results in great photos. I like my photos to tell a story. I like to get to know my subjects and bring out the emotion in them that makes for that perfect shot. 

Like most passions, one is always learning - it's a journey. Welcome to mine. 

Click here for my Flickr page and my best photos over the years.